Hi everyone -I’m Leon! I’m 36, I live in beautiful Cornwall, I was in the construction industry for 20 years, and I’m a carpenter by trade.
In December 2021 I took the leap to becoming a full-time currency trader, something that was only a hobby until I found TFT. TFT enabled me to take my trading to levels I didn’t think possible; now with multiple funded accounts, my main focus has become the psychology of trading.

I’ve found a space in TFT where I can pass on my experiences and knowledge in order to help others along their trading journeys; it’s incredibly fulfilling to see others succeed and being a part of that is far more rewarding than the construction industry ever was! I work closely alongside June, our in-house chartered psychologist, to provide a supportive and safe space for all members to embark on not only their trading journeys, but their personal growth journeys too.

My journey has been full of highs and lows, wins and losses, but being able to spend my time with my family and be present while my daughter grows up has made it all worthwhile. The skill and mindset of trading takes time and can’t be rushed, but it will change your life and believe me when I tell you…it’s worth it!